School Programs

These standards-based residences are facilitated by trained Phonetic Spit Poet-Mentors in partnership with in-school sponsors and poetry club members. Phonetic Spit partners with schools, to bring youth centered creative writing and performance poetry workshops to their students. Curriculum is developed, and designed to help youth bring their own personal narratives into dialogue with the issues and themes already being studied in the classroom. In addition to the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards for Literacy Phonetic Spit also aims to address three additional forms of literacy:

Emotional Literacy: The ability to recognize, understand, and appropriately express our emotions. Emotional literacy is the basis for perceiving and communicating emotions.

Oral Literacy: The ability to effectively communicate orally with an audience.

Cultural Literacy: Knowledge of history, contributions, and perspectives of diverse cultural groups, including one’s own group. Cultural literacy is a fundamental aspect of one’s ability to comprehend reading, writing and other media sources.




School Residence

  • 1 School-Wide assembly featuring Phonetic Spit
  • 1 School-Wide after school workshop (90 minutes)
  • 15 to 18 classroom or after school hours of instruction
  • 1 final presentation featuring residence students and club members  

One-time SP!T Event Framework

Phonetic Spit offers classroom workshops and all-school assemblies to Middle and High Schools interested in introducing their students to the power of spoken word and poetry.  Our SPIT! Program consists of two services:

  1. School-wide Assembly OR
  2. Creative Writing & performance Workshop

Our school wide assemblies are showcase-style and feature some of the most talented spoken word artists in the Phoenix Area. All assemblies are appropriate for middle and high schools, and are combined with a 90 minute, theme-based creative writing workshops facilitated by trained Phonetic Spit poet-mentors.