Our Mission

Since 2011, Phonetic Spit has been working to transforming communities through the intersections of literary arts, youth development, and social justice programs. While we value the idea of a safe space, the goal is not to avoid discomfort and conflict, but instead to handle those moments with respect,  accountability, and appreciation through creating a brave space for learning.



Phonetic Spit is dedicated to creating spaces for young adults to find, develop, and publicity present their voice through poetry, and use it to become agents of societal change.



Every young adults will have the emotional, social, and cultural literacy skills to transform their communities into places of progressive human interaction.



We are committing to seeking staff, participants, and partners committed to dismantling any laws, dialogue, and actions displacing, demonizing, criminalizing, or discriminating against individuals marginalized within the systematic structures of racism, colonialism, sexism, ageism, patriarchy, sexuality, and gender.

As we aim to hold others accountable, we also hope to be held accountable to this values as well. As an organization, we commit to continuous learning through trainings, reading, and conversations with individuals, groups, and organizations in our communities.